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Equestrian Helmet ” Its Design and Purpose

An equestrian helmet is a piece of armor, usually made of metal, designed to protect the head when riding horses. It is a headgear that is specifically designed to protect the head of the rider if the rider falls off the horse. Falling off a horse can happen to every equestrian rider. And this can lead to serious injuries and sometimes death.

Most horse related injuries result from falling off a horse and being kicked by a horse, which may cause skull fractures. This is the very reason why helmets are now being required to be worn by riders whenever near or on the horse. Some states in the United States even have law requiring riders under 14 years of age to wear helmet at all times when horseback riding.

Equestrian helmets are designed with materials that absorb impact of a fall or blow. They have a hard shell on the outside, which is sometimes covered with cloth for a more attractive look. They have impact-resistant resin or plastic on the inside as well as headliners, which is a fabric that is designed to keep your head dry and cool. They also have padding and ventilation for comfort and a harness to keep the helmet attached on the head at all times.

An equestrian helmet, unlike other sports helmet that protects only the back and front part of the head, covers more of a persons head. It is designed in such a way that it fits lower on the head while evenly protecting the head. Helmets used in competitions should meet one or more specific safety standards.

It is important that the helmet you use perfectly fits your head so it doesnt move or fly off when you are horse riding. When buying a helmet, try fitting several helmets until you find the right size for you. Wear it on your head and test it by putting your hands on the side of your head and move the helmet back and forth. You will know if its the right size if there is very little movement or give.

You should also fasten your helmet properly. This will prevent your helmet from falling off or flying off of your head. Helmets have harnesses that must be connected to secure the helmet on your head. You can adjust the straps so that it keeps the helmet properly in place.

After fastening your helmet, try to move your head back and forth. Make sure that it is tight enough and it does not slip over your eyes. If your scalp does not move with your helmet, it means that the helmet is loose. Also, make sure that it sits no more than one inch above your eyebrows.

When buying a helmet, make sure that it has an ASTM/SEI certified label on it. The label is a proof that the helmet is approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials. This means that the helmet has been appropriately tested for safety.

Wearing a helmet is the first safety precaution that you must remember when horseback riding. It may be a little hot and uncomfortable to wear but it can definitely prevent you from getting injured and even save your life. Remember that horse activities carry an inherent danger that requires a constant vigilance in seeking safe practices and habits.

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